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Semi-automatic production of a small ridge

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About us


AZBI ® Founded in 1994 as a partnership, whose founders are Anne and Zbigniew Mączyńscy. Company became the nucleus of the direct import of roofing materials and accessories from Sweden. The company was founded on the basis of cooperation with the Swedish company PROFILPLAT.


A year after the uprising in mind for reaching sales of our company is specialized in the installation of metal roofing tile-like park developed and modernized equipment for installation of roofing.


Since 1999, work continued on implementing the production of a prototype machine for pumping ridge ridge, which was an input sheet format 400 mm x 2000 mm obtained from the public standard sheets.Developed its own electromechanical system for maintaining a very short production line so short the stock.



In 2000, produced by our automatic production line ridge is patent pending. Designed by our company process line is the only such machine in the resources world's leading manufacturers of these devices.

We are a company specialized in the production line as well as semi-automatic used for profiling sheet metal, in particular for the production of roof tiles ridge.


We also manufacture custom devices, lines for lengthwise cutting of sheet metal, bending machines, cutters, wrapping.


To meet the needs of our customers have started processing the metal sheet ridge ridge of the standard.Our effectiveness in action, knowledge, competence and commitment of our employees make us an ideal partner for our customers.


We invite you to cooperate and benefit from our services.


Management Team.


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